Glass made from silica and boric oxide. Such glass is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature change (termal shock) as defined by international Estándar ISO 3585. We possess the most advanced manufacturing technology and expertise in this field. Our products cover various containers used for food, syrups. Medicine and other pharmaceutical preparations, such as Moulded injection vials for antibiotics, Medical glass tubes, Ampoules, Tube vials for antibiotics, Amber glass bottle, food and cosmetics bottles, Infustion bottles, Butyl rubber stoppers, Al-plastic multi caps, Prefillable-syringe, Dental glass cartridge and PP stoppers for soft infusion bags.

The range covers eleven major series of 1000 kinds of products with differing specifications. Among them our moulded glass vials and bottles are in conformity with USP Type I, II, III. Our representative has been the leader in Pharmaceutical glass packaging by passing both the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the ISO14001 Environment Management Authentication.